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UV Protection For Eyes: Why You Should Choose Contacts Over Eyeglasses This Summer


Ever had your eyeglasses slide off your nose while at the beach? Welcome to the club. Eyeglasses serve a very important and obvious purpose – namely knowing what’s happening on your fave Netflix show – but they’re far from foolproof. In some cases, eyeglasses can be a complete pain, especially in warmer weather or on vacation when you want to be footloose and fancy free. Here’s exactly why summer life with contact lenses is way, way better. 

Protect your eyes: UV protection with contacts

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You don’t think twice about applying sunscreen to your face and body. But what about your eyes? If you’re wondering should I wear sunglasses with contact lenses, we say yes. daysoft® contact lenses incorporate a UV filter, but areas not covered by the lens, such as the conjunctiva (over the white of the eye), eyelids and other eye tissue, are also sensitive to UV, so pop on your fave shades. 

We recommend wearing UV-protection sunglasses over your contact lenses at times of high UV exposure or whenever you would normally wear sunglasses. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy prescription sunglasses. Read on to discover why cheaper sunnies do the job. 

Do contacts and sunglasses mix?

Do you *really* need expensive prescription sunglasses? Let’s put it another way. Are you prepared to spend a month’s rent just to see straight in the sun? It’s easy to blow hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on prescription sunglasses. If you're not careful, your summer shades can cost you serious money by the time you’ve picked out designer frames and added prescription lenses with a high-tech coating. 

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 It doesn’t have to be this way. By choosing daily disposable contact lenses, you’ll have perfect, comfortable vision and can save on the high prescription sunglasses cost. Splurge the money you save on some gorgeous sunset cocktails or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hike the Inca trail and watch the sun rise. Contacts simply make it easier to gift yourself the luxury of having wonderful experiences and making memories to treasure. 

Experience summer on your terms

Using daily disposable contact lenses not only saves you money on expensive prescription sunnies but also empowers you to live your best summer life on your terms. Long sultry days and balmy summer nights allow us the freedom to be flexible in our plans. A lunchtime picnic on the sand could easily stretch into evening drinks at that trendy beach-side bar. Or a morning in the park with the kids might turn into an afternoon pool party after you’ve bumped into your neighbor and their family. 

Sometimes, these scenarios can be awkward if you’ve not got your contacts in. You might not feel like going out-out with just your eyeglasses in tow. Or – shock, horror – you may have left your eyeglasses behind and need to rush back to pick them up. Contacts allow you to go with the flow and enjoy your summer with ease.

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Going in the water

Summer vacations generally mean sun, sea and sand. There’s nothing nicer than swimming in the sea or pool, or partaking in all manner of watersports from paddle boarding and sailing to snorkeling and diving. But let’s face it, wearing eyeglasses can throw a spanner in the works. They’re much more liable to get in the way, fall off or get lost. 

Daily disposable contact lenses enable you to enjoy so much more in, around and on the water. We don’t recommend you wear them while swimming, though, so pack a few spare blister packs in your bag if you know you’re going to be in and out of the water all day. 

Don’t sweat it

The warm, dry weather that goes hand in hand with the summer months means you’re far more likely to be out and about enjoying yourself. Whether you’re doing an early morning beach yoga session or setting off on a day-long hike or cycle, rest assured that your contact lenses have got your back whatever movement you choose to do.

No more stressing about your specs sliding down your nose while the going gets sweaty or worrying about your frames leaping off your face while you’re on your mountain bike. Plus, contact lenses don’t fog up and impair your vision, enabling you to keep your eye on the ball. Feel free to run, leap, jump and ride to your heart’s content – the summer is your oyster.

Peace of mind

Nothing ruins a vacation like losing or breaking your eyeglasses – especially when you realize you left your spare pair on the plane. And spending your entire holiday wearing just prescription sunglasses because you canceled your contact lens prescription to save a bit of cash wears thin, too. Contact lenses offer peace of mind when you’re far from home. But we do advise packing a few spares, as well as your eyeglasses, just in case! 

Want your summer eye care to be as flexible as you are? Look no further. Focus on what matters and subscribe to vision that’s kind to your pocket as well as the earth.


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